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Why is Acton Princeton different?

  • Self-paced learning environment designed to foster responsibility, goal-setting, and teamwork
  • Real life skills by launching a business, playing an instrument, painting a mosaic, or programming a robot
  • “Guides” not teachers offer insightful questions and use the Socratic method to hones students’ critical thinking
  • Students leadand own their education; thinking independently, taking responsibility and embracing challenges
  • Holistic development focused on personal virtues such as honesty, hard work, responsibility, kindness and empathy

Who is Acton Academy Princeton for?

  • People who believe the traditional school system no longer works to prepare children for the modern world
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Creators and creatives
  • Out-of-the box thinkers
  • People who want the benefits of child-directed learning without having to make a full-time commitment to homeschooling
  • Families with flexible schedules
  • People who need flexible attendance for travel and family obligations. (We will operate on an 11-month calendar with 4-7 week sessions and breaks in between)
  • Children who want additional time to pursue their passions beyond traditional after school hours
  • People who want to maximize their family time
  • Trailblazers and trendsetters
  • Families who value their freedom and want their children to develop a love of learning

Our Story

I started Acton Princeton to provide the education that children deserve. It’s not an education I had, but one that I deeply desired for my own children. An education that encourages curiosity, risk taking and independence. My four kids have attended all different flavors of schools (Montessori, Waldorf, parochial, public), but nothing seemed quite right until I found Acton. Over the past two years I’ve witnessed my own children flourish, stretch and grow in ways I’d only imagined previously.

My kids have each been the victims of traditional education in their own ways, with one not being academically challenged and forced to move slowly through material he’d already mastered, and another struggling to sit at a desk for hours on end and being admonished for being too creative.

I believe the future is for those who can think critically and independently, define approaches to ambiguous problems, and are intrinsically motivated. Acton Academy gives children the proper environment to develop all of these skills, and I am excited to share this educational philosophy with the Greater Princeton Area.


Colin Galle
Acton Academy Princeton, Founder & Head of School

Talk With Us

Our Team

Colin Galle
Co-Founder and Head of School

Colin is a former naval officer and strategy consultant, who now works in digital marketing. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. in Ocean Engineering, earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and completed a graduate certificate in Sustainable Energy Engineering at the University of Maryland. He served 6 years in the US Navy in various roles around the world and subsequently worked as a strategy consultant with Boston Consulting Group. Colin is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School and has completed training as a Wilderness First Responder.

Colin is passionate about encouraging and fostering a child’s innate curiosity. He believes this is best done by letting young learners explore the world around them, ask questions, and experiment in a safe environment. It’s best for children to take risks early and learn from the natural consequences in low stakes situations.

As a father, Colin has seen the genius inside each of his children and how Acton has helped them develop holistically. He’s excited to bring this life-changing educational model to Princeton and witness the genius inside each of the community’s young learners.

"The thought of a learning environment that incorporates active learning, includes all the senses, and emphasizes a pursuit personalized to your individual gifts, sounds amazing. What kid doesn't deserve that?"

Our promises to your child

They will:

  • Begin a Hero's Journey
  • Learn to be a curious, independent, lifelong learner.
  • Develop a deep respect for economic, political and religious freedoms.
  • Cherish the arts, wonders of the physical world and the mysteries of life on Earth.
  • Discover his or her most precious gifts and learn to use them to solve difficult problems.
  • Understand the importance of strong character.
  • Value a healthy lifestyle of mind and body.

Our beliefs

We believe:

  • We believe each child has a gift that can change the world in a profound way.
  • We believe in a closely connected family of lifelong learners.
  • We believe in learning to learn, learning to do, and learning to be.
  • We believe in economic, religious, and political freedom.

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